ICT for Development

By LightCaste analytics wing

We at LightCastle believe the intersection of technology with development needs is where lies the key to solving the myriad of development needs that are ever present in Bangladesh. To help Bangladesh achieve its developing nation status, it is imperative to address the multitude of development needs with a palate of technology based solutions.

Your integration of technology in development projects ensure higher accountability of stakeholders, cost effective and accurate monitoring and evaluation methods, impactful implementation and it also creates avenues for disruptive social businesses that are instrumental in alleviating poverty and solving key societal issues.

Through combining our years of experience working with data and digital products along with learning from impact oriented and inclusive business projects, we've established a proprietary Four Step DigiDev Synergy Model where we take our client's requirement, match it with the most relevant digital based intervention and design customized digital solution products for them.

The LightCastle Way:

DigiDev Synergy Model

There are ten core elements of strategy and execution for software transformations.