Value Chain Analysis & Development

By LightCaste analytics wing

Value chain development (VCD) features prominently in development programming aimed at stimulating economic growth and increasing the competitiveness of the agricultural sector. The VCD approach challenges governments and other stakeholders to look beyond individual actors, such as smallholders or cooperatives, when considering how to achieve development goals. By focusing on the value chain and the links between the actors spread along it, development interventions can better identify common problems among actors in the chain and solutions that generate win-win outcomes. Improved chain relations and overall chain performance are expected to yield tangible benefits in terms of economic performance and, in some cases, poverty reduction.

The potential to include large-scale businesses as active partners in VCD offers development agencies opportunities for achieving outcomes at greater scale, with potentially increased impact and sustainability. For many development agencies, donors and governments, VCD has become a principal element of their poverty-reduction strategies.

At LightCastle, we directly engage in conducting value chain analysis for agriculture based commodities for identifying challenges and bottlenecks, which would lead to economic prosperity for the suppressed players (farmers/growers) in the value chain. Based on the value chain analyses, we provide specific insights and help chart the intervention strategies for our clients. Alongside, we have expertise in different industry sub-sectors.

Value Chain