Shawkat Hossain

Rafayet Khan
January 23, 2020
Shawkat Hossain
Director, Financial Inclusion and Investments

Shawkat Hossain is the current Managing Partner of Velocity Asia, an alternative investment company based out of Bangladesh. He is the former Managing Director at BD Venture Limited and serves as the General Secretary of VCPEAB. He has 35 years of experience in his credit out of that 7 years in Venture Capital, 10 years as bankers and 18 years in financial management/ accounting profession. He worked for different sectors such as manufacturing, NGO, and banks and in different reputed organization such as BRAC, BRAC Bank, Prime Bank, and ICDDRB, among others. He is experienced to work in multicultural environment such as in Afghanistan for one and half years and was instrumental in setting up a foreign bank in Afghanistan.

He served as Head of SME and Senior Executive Vice President of Prime Bank Ltd., leading a team of 250 staff located at 55 branches and 17 SME branches. He was Head of SME of BRAC Bank Limited and leading a team of 700 staff located at 250 marketing unit offices spread in 62 districts. He was Head of Finance and Finance Manager at BRAC for six years. Mr. Hossain has completed his Masters in Development Management from Asian Institute of Management, Manila, Philippines in 1994, where he received an ADB scholarship.

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