Experiential Learning & Capacity Building


Experiential Learning & Capacity Building

by LightCastle Admin

LightCastle Centre for Advanced Learning (LCAL), is a premium analytics institute providing experiential and simulation-based learning for the local professionals across the country. Main goal of LightCastle Center for Advanced Learning (LCAL) is to facilitate career progression through knowledge dissemination and development of human capital for the existing and aspiring business professionals. We design customized courses based on actual domestic cases and simulations that data analytics practitioners work with in real life.

The LightCastle Way:

Developing Human resource is an integral medium for bringing about positive changes within the economy, especially if the country is intent on finding its feet in the international arena. This is especially true for Bangladesh’s growing private sector organizations, which require a steady stream of skilled human talents, with necessary skill-set for excelling in high pressure and competitive corporate environment.

Despite our education system churning out a large number of graduates, there persists a significant gap in employer expectations and employee qualifications and performance. To bridge this gap in knowledge and skill-set, we have devised a set of short courses for assisting students (both undergraduates and executives), in enhancing their business skills by fostering a structured thinking mindset.

Before setting foot in the real world, pilots, military personnel and disaster response teams use intense simulations to learn how to respond to high-intensity challenges. However, the same is not true for the business environment. Rarely do we practice business decision making in a simulated scenario before entering the real market. The risks to this can be costly.

This is where we can help you with improving performance by business simulations and discovery learning programs. We partner with you to create capabilities needed for superior strategy execution and at the same time have fun. The competencies developed here ultimately help to drive improved business results. We develop your structured thinking mindset, decision making abilities, teamwork and effective communication.

The overture of our curriculum is based on experiential learning via simulated environment to imitate real world problems to be solved. These are intensive learning sessions which allow participants to significantly hone their soft business skills like negotiation and boost their structured thinking abilities.