Managing Growth & Finance


Managing Growth & Finance

by LightCastle Admin

As you prepare for growth you need to understand key financial metrics that lets you optimize your investments. We develop modeling platforms that will allow you to easily analyze your current performance. The high-end analytical tools will also enable you to forecast a diversified set of future scenarios under different contexts and makes sense of your investment.

The LightCastle Way:

Our easy-to-adopt services include:

Performance Metrics – Organizations need to assess their performances on a periodic basis. They need to know where they stand at a particular point in time and plan ahead with winning strategies. This is where our performance metrics become instrumental. We develop product and customer wise revenue reports which will give you a clear picture on which products and customers to focus.

We also develop ratio dashboards which will allow you to create performance and trigger parameters based on specific ratios relevance (e.g., portability/liquidity/efficiency/leverage ratios). Complement to these ratios, at a glance summary such as power charts (easy to read graphical representations) will allow you to easily construe business situations and take necessary actions.

Financial Statements Models – All organizations are in need of sophisticated financial statement models which are likely to assist in daily management reporting, decision making or for audit functions. At LightCastle, we help to design and develop MS Excel and Access based systems that generate statements (profit and loss account/balance sheet/cash flow statement) on a periodical basis.

These statements are subject to modification and permit incorporation of a variety of performance metrics like whether the income generated per month is on track with plan/budget, and if not then where lies the deficiencies. Moreover, the asset liability position of your company can be monitored on a daily basis against set parameters. The cash flow models identify the actual net inflows and capture future outflow scenarios. In short, your management will remain updated with daily financial positioning, enabling them to take prudent decisions.

Forecasting Scenarios – To thrive amidst growing uncertainty, you need to develop contingency scenarios. Our forecasting tools allow ascertaining a future set of financials at both strategic business unit (SBU) and product level. We also provide forecast models for various stress scenarios so that you can manage the required risk and keep buffer resources so as to absorb any shocks that may arise.

Capital Budgeting – Businesses need to evaluate projects on which to invest based on specific parameters. For this, we provide investment finance services. Our investment analyses model includes cost of fund analyses – permitting you to identify the best financing source, net present value and internal rate of return models – under different scenarios to understand the project return and feasibility; and stress testing models – measuring organizational sustainability and break-even analyses – to realize time frame for recouping investments.

Fund Management Models – Both private corporations and financial institutions need to actively manage their fund positions in line with their projected cash flows. In that vein, we help develop treasury finance models that allow optimum fund management.

If your business operates in the non-financial industry, we streamline what type of funding best fits the current scenario (i.e., whether a working capital loan or an overdraft facility is more suitable) and where to keep the supplementary fund that your business generates (as time deposits of specific tenors or as demand deposits that generates return on monthly average balances).

In contrast, if you are a financial institution, we model positive/negative gap management (due to tenor mismatch of liabilities and assets) and transfer pricing between liability group, treasury & asset group. We help streamline investments in wholesale fund market (more popularly known as money market) and securities market (including government treasury bill/bonds).

Sensitivity Analysis and Stress Testing – Business environment is dynamic. That is why firms need to carry out sensitivity analyses to a variety of factors such as interest rate changes, tax law alterations, inflation, exchange rate volatility, raw material price fluctuations among others. We design sensitivity models to analyze the impact of these factors on business sales, revenue, net present value, return on investment and expenses, which allows you to take a broader view of your business under different stress scenarios. Risks can, therefore, be proactively managed.

Project Risk – We design and assess your project’s potential risks by categorizing them according to priorities and also prepare a methodical risk management plan. We perform qualitative and quantitative risk analysis and measure the impact of each risk for your project. Our strength also lies in building a thorough risk response plan that will make you ready for any sudden changes that may come your way in the middle of a project.