The Opportunity

    Krishi Utsho (KU) – a social enterprise under Care Bangladesh – has 200+ agri input shops spread across four regions: Bogura, Rangpur, Sirajganj & Jashore. These small agribusinesses sell various agri input products to farmers. To understand the farmers’ purchase behavior in granular detail, KU demanded a customer analytics solution, which would lead to an increase in the sales volume while optimizing inventory.

    Our Approach

    LightCastle employed a four-step approach – sourcing data from four specific data points – to create an AI-powered CRM system.  First we developed a customized farmer profile information management system and populated it with 4500 farmers’ database. To complement the profile information with transaction data, we designed and deployed a POS terminal. This collected products’ buying-selling information and kept records of quantity sold, price, time of sales, frequency of sales and at what SKUs (Stock Keeping Unit).

    Concurrently, we established an agri advisory call center, which the farmers could access to share concerns/complaints of their products. And finally, we collated these three data sources with the weather data. Combination of all helped us analyze a massive layer of information, powered by an AI. The final output is a dashboard that shows region-wise predictive analytics. Based on the results, KU leverages the call center to promote targeted sales to increase shop sales and also optimize inventory.

    The Future

    Currently, KU is deploying the system in a selected number of shops to gather user feedback. Drawing implementation lessons from this phase, they aim to roll out the system across a greater number of shops in the near future.