The Opportunity

    Paperfly is one of the leading e-commerce logistics companies in Bangladesh. The company provides fulfillment and delivery services to e-commerce and f-commerce players. Owing to factors such as increased internet penetration rate, affordable smartphones, rising disposable income etc. more consumers are starting to shop online. Due to the faster than ever technology adoption rate and ever-increasing popularity of multichannel retailing, in the coming years there will be a dramatic shift towards e-retailing from traditional retailing.

    However, there are only a few companies that offer a full range of logistics services exclusively catered towards e-commerce companies. Majority of the consumers order online because they want faster, hassle-free delivery of goods. E-commerce players often fail to meet this demand due to a lack of seamless, trackable logistics channel. Moreover, most of the e-commerce centric third-party logistics service providers have been overlooking the potential of peri-urban and rural market by limiting their operations within Dhaka and other big cities. Paperfly, run by veterans spanning large corporations and experienced in supply chain and distribution, has successfully measured the opportunity of Bangladeshi e-commerce sector.

    Our Approach

    Paperfly aims to become the one-stop logistics solution provider for online retail businesses. To this end, they wanted to make the delivery network more robust. In order to extend the logistics operation to the second mile, the client needed heavy investment. We prepared a unique investment memorandum for the investors, underscoring the growth potential of Bangladeshi e-commerce. Although, Bangladeshi e-commerce market is still at a rudimentary stage compared to its regional peers, the consumer adoption rate is very high. Our interviews with similar service providers helped us formulate ways in which the client can leverage its unique technologies. We have prepared a detailed information memorandum, pitch deck, and a detailed-out DCF based valuation – all in the effort to support them raise capital.

    The Future

    Apart from investment advisory services for the client, we also connected them with the local PE and VC firms. Leveraging our deliverables, Paperfly has raised an undisclosed amount from local investors till date. The company is on the hunt to raise further investment.