Case Study: Digitalizing The Transportation Industry

LightCastle Analytics Wing
September 11, 2017
Case Study: Digitalizing The Transportation Industry

The Opportunity

The country’s one of the most premium digital E-ticketing services (currently focused towards bus, launch, movies, and events at present) in operation since 2015 was struggling to understand its current consumer segment. In order to understand their customers better and expand, our client planned to undertake a customer segmentation research complete with insights on what factors drive consumer purchase, their demographic/ psychographic segmentation, and where would the market move in the future.

Additionally, our client wanted to learn about the consumer journey of existing customers in their own system vis-à-vis competitor systems and do a comparative user journey mapping. Our client also wanted to develop a feedback loop with the existing users and understand what they like about the platform, what do they think of the promotion campaigns, and what would be the improvements that would entice them to use the service more.

Our Approach

We segmented the entire competitive landscape of the ticketing industry into four areas: travel (road/air/river/rail), entertainment, events, and hotel ticketing. In domestic road travel ticketing, the dominant industry leader is followed by and Also, Red Bus is launching its front operations pretty soon.

In entertainment ticketing, other than shohoz and bdtickets there are generic players like Cineplex and Blockbuster Cinema while event tickets are covered by shohoz and bdtickets both. Recently, jetechao has introduced events ticketing services as well but their target audience is very niche and customized. In the case of hotel booking, there are different players operating in the industry starting from the hotels themselves to travel ticketing (both offline and online) agencies to international online booking websites like and

A nationwide consumer survey was done of online ticket purchasing customers followed by FGDs to determine consumer behavior. We then created an industry ranking based on four cornerstones of a platform business: webpage loading time, web design, search engine, login procedure. We also segmented the consumers on an LCP proprietary ValVo® matrix to determine key target consumers.

Online shopping

Shopping or not shopping

The Future

  • Our recommendation to our client was to have some key features in operation that Bangladeshi customers prefer like a smartphone app, agent sign in, and most importantly, they don’t have home delivery of e-tickets in paper format which creates confusion among the mass level customers as they value tangibility (i.e., the touch and feel of the product they are buying) more.
  • Also, according to the Focus Group Discussion participants, our client needed to have ticket options for all the routes/destinations as well as contracts with popular bus operators like Greenline, Shohag, and Hanif to attract more customers to the online platform.
  • The Rangpur and Rajshahi region should be given more focus by including Nabil Paribahan in that route on the platform.

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