The True Reason for Bangladesh's Turmoil

    Zenesta Hossain

    Today I met someone and that person had a question for me. Now I knew her for many years and we seldom laughed, had fun, got angry, had a fight and within hours patched up but today was unique. I had a heart to heart conversation and she asked me a question where the answer meant life and death to her. Thinking about the answer to the question first got me frustrated, and then I got disappointed followed by anger and then helplessness.
    The person I am talking about goes by the name of Bangladesh and today she asked me ‘I am 43 years old, I have seen so much chaos throughout my life yet every day I wake up with a smile and embrace come what may. However, there are 160 million voices in my head screaming asking me “Who will help you Bangladesh? Who will help you in this turmoil and assist you to grow?” Can you tell me how I can escape from these 160 million voices?’
    Everyone is aware of what Bangladesh is going through at this point of time. Neither do I intend to add to this negative energy nor do I plan to play the blame game. I want to assist Bangladesh with her question presented in front of me so that for starters I can allow her to escape from 1 voice.

    When we think of growth whether it’s in an organization, a business or a country we naturally think of a board, a group or a party that will come as a savior and change it all around. The moment we decide this and put the responsibility and power to someone else we choose to become helpless and lose all control. No change can occur by giving your power away and waiting for someone else to bring about that change. As per Gandhi ‘Be the change you wish to see’. I believe that Bangladesh will only grow when you as an individual decide to grow both financially and intellectually. Only when you grow will your country grow. Hence I promised to my growth because the only person I can change is myself.
    However, the growth of your pocket will hold no value unless you simultaneously have growth within your mind and most importantly your heart. In my opinion, the best way to grow is to cultivate your passion into business. Growth is directly proportional to your learning and doing a business you are passionate about is the best way to learn. The learning’s you get through doing a business is worth 10 Harvard degrees because you not only learn; you contribute, get one step closer to fulfilment and see your dreams becoming reality. If you were to do something, anything; do it with your heart and Bangladesh will change and be on the journey of growth all by itself.
    Just like the way every cell of our body is important because they have their own purpose and they go about serving their purpose keeping us alive, the 160 millions of us are also significant and we all matter to Bangladesh. Every single one of us can make a difference however small it is in our own possible way. I can show you thousands in Bangladesh who are making that tiny difference and going about their own way helping themselves grow and indirectly taking Bangladesh to higher growth. They have not succumbed to giving the responsibility out to others to fix things as I have mentioned earlier. They have taken the bulls by the horn and kept at it. Below is a demonstration of how few individuals are making changes through their own business in the tech scene in particular. It shows why business in vital and how it allows you to grow.
    The key is to follow your heart and fulfil your purpose regardless of what others tell you or don’t tell you. Hence the true reason why Bangladesh is in turmoil is because she is giving you an opportunity to shine, a chance to create, a new meaning to your existence and a hope for sunshine after rain.
    If you are unaware of how you can do a business you are passionate about follow the links below for ways of how you can cultivate your passion into business.
    Or you can get connected with a community who believes in ‘living a life you desire to live through a business you are passionate about.’


    Zenesta Hossain is the founder of Passionscope and her purpose is to empower individuals and groups to achieve freedom by cultivating their PASSION into BUSINESS. She loves living and enjoys the simple joy that life provides her.


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      Bijon Islam

      Great piece, loved the read 🙂

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      Zahedul Amin

      Inspiring write-up. Keep writing, Zenesta. 🙂

    • Ivdad Ahmed Khan Mojlish

      Brilliant, Zenesta! Couldn’t have put it any better. Go, Bangladesh!

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