5 Changes in Your Management Attitude that Can Do Magic!

Sazzad Hossain
March 12, 2015

If you are struggling with your employees’ productivity or you are enjoying short term growth but suffering from long term losses, this article is for you. Followings are the 5 changes that you can bring in your management attitude that can do magic for you in terms of employee efficiency and effectiveness. [Well, at least these changes turned Japan into the most productive nation!]

Drive out Fear:

If your employees fear you, you are most probably on a sinking ship. Management by fear will not help you achieve your desired goal. Stop evaluating on the basis of figures only. Encourage and nurture new ideas from the employees and this will make them work for you company more effectively and efficiently which eventually will lead you to your success.

Adopt Leadership:

Anyone can give commands. But a true leader is a person who don’t simply give instructions – he provides both mental and physical support and resources and leads from the front by setting up examples. As a leader, you need to be more of a coach instead of a mere manager. Figure out what each person is actually good at. Involve them in their area of strength and the positive result will automatically follow.

Show Them the Big Pictures:

Almost every company sets numerical targets for its employees. This may be useful in the short run, but in the long run, you will lose loyalty.  They will switch to your rival anytime they receive a better compensation offer. However, let me remind you that salary is not a motivating factor, rather a hygiene one. You need to give him something that excites him even more than moving to a six figure salary from a five figure one. You need to create a sense of ownership in him by letting him see the big picture – being part of a successful organization which succeeded because of him doing whatever he is best at. It will bring out the best in him not in the hope of a promotion or a raise in the pay package, rather he will give his best shot to prove his worth behind the success of the organization that leads him towards his self-esteem level of need hierarchy.

Institute Training on the Job:

Encourage your employees to learn from one another and this will foster effective teamwork. This will help create a foundation of common knowledge which will minimize unhealthy competition among the workers and allow them to see and understand the big picture and push them forward to achieving it.

Constantly look for Improvement:

The world is constantly changing. So are customers’ demand and expectation. You need to keep up with the pace of rapid change in demand. You need to continuously check your position in terms of products and services you offer and try and improve from there. For this purpose, you need to constantly improve your systems and processes. Emphasize training and education in your organization so that everyone can do their jobs better. Kaizen can be a better model to reduce waste and to improve productivity, efficiency and effectiveness.
[Inspired by Edwards Deming – who inspired millions of Japanese to rise from the ashes of The Second World War to make Japan the third largest economy in the world]

WRITTEN BY: Sazzad Hossain

Sazzad Hossain is an Assistant Vice President at LightCastle Partners where he brings diversified work experiences from MNCs like HSBC and British American Tobacco. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from University of Dhaka. He is also enrolled in the MSc Marketing Program, Class of 2015, in University of Manchester. He can be contacted at [email protected]

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