COVID-19 Impact on the SME Sector of Bangladesh

    LightCastle Analytics Wing
    LightCastle Analytics Wing

    SMEs are the bloodline of Bangladesh’s economy creating employment for 7.8 million people directly and providing a livelihood for 31.2 million in total. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all spheres of life and business but one of the hardest hit are the already vulnerable SMEs due to dependence on a short cash cycle, supply chain disruption, and loss of sales.

    To understand the current impact of the crisis on SMEs in detail, LightCastle Partners & collaborated on an independent study about the “COVID-19 Impact on the SMEs of Bangladesh”.

    The survey was conducted in late April with over 230 SME respondents from all over Bangladesh covering industries involving Trading & Production (48.4%) that includes Perishable & Grains, Poultry, Dairy, Fisheries, Jute Diversified Products, and Retail Store; and Service Industry (51.6%) that includes food catering, electrician services, laundry, beauty salon, MFS agent, and restaurants.

    To learn more insights, check out the slides below:

    To learn more about the Impact of Coronavirus on the SMEs of Bangladesh, Document download full report.



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