Poultry Sector Study Bangladesh

LightCastle Analytics Wing
February 1, 2021
Poultry Sector Study  Bangladesh

Bangladesh is home to around 167 million inhabitants and is one of the fastest-growing economy in Asia-Pacific in recent years. As a result of increasing disposable incomes, consumption of animal-based protein, including poultry meat and eggs, are expected to grow substantially for (at least) the next ten years. To meet the growing domestic demand, substantial investments in enhanced (more knowledge-intensive) production techniques are foreseen. This offers lucrative opportunities for companies and knowledge institutions in virtually all segments of the poultry value chain.

In 2020, The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Dhaka, Larive International and LightCastle Partners, assessed the poultry sector in Bangladesh and identified the most interesting business opportunities for Dutch companies and knowledge institutions. This report will look to provide insights into the opportunities in the poultry sector and the way forward for its stakeholders.

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