Full Throttle Ahead: The Automobile Industry of Bangladesh at a Crossroads

LightCastle Analytics Wing
May 31, 2021
Full Throttle Ahead: The Automobile Industry of Bangladesh at a Crossroads

Policy incentives have had a transformative effect on the manufacturing sector of Bangladesh. Due largely to progressive manufacturing, over 90% of all motorcycle sold and 85% of all smartphones sold in Bangladesh are locally assembled or manufactured.

Now, with the Draft Automobile Policy 2020, the government has set its sights on the automobile sector with fresh policy incentives. But can the previous progressive manufacturing success be replicated? And can Bangladesh emulate India, where the automobiles industry contributes to a staggering 49% of manufacturing GDP and 4.3% of the country’s exports?

At this critical juncture, LightCastle Partners and Auto Rebellion jointly bring you this white paper, focusing on the 4-wheeler passenger industry segment, which encompasses sedans or private cars, sports utility vehicles (SUVs), and microbuses or multi-purpose Vehicles (MPVs). LightCastle conducted a number of interviews with exclusive automobile importer-dealers which covered brands that captured more than 75% of the market share for new passenger vehicles, as well as a number of reconditioned car sellers. LightCastle also conducted a rapid online survey of prospective customers who intended to purchase a passenger vehicle.

Download our full report for an overview of the industry landscape, a compilation of industry consensus and as well as recommendations for fostering sector growth.

To learn more about the Automobile Sector of Bangladesh Document download full report

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