Apprehending the Impact Investment Landscape of Bangladesh

LightCastle Analytics Wing
August 18, 2021
Apprehending the Impact Investment Landscape of Bangladesh

Impact investing has gained prominence on the global stage in recent years as a method of deploying capital with both social/environmental and financial return objectives. Impact investments are made across a variety of sectors and asset classes (E.g.; agriculture, education, healthcare, microfinance, financial inclusion)  in both developing and developed markets. Impact investing in Bangladesh is catalyzing innovative new approaches to solve social, environmental, and economic challenges. By providing funding opportunities for the enterprises, it is boosting the economic growth of the country. Impact investing is instrumental in achieving Sustainable Development Goals and creates accountability for the betterment of the ecosystem.

Industry-leading NGO, ICCO, focuses on mobilizing rural communities and engaging them in developing inclusive, sustainable, and profitable income-generating opportunities. ICCO is exploring the possibilities of supporting social enterprises focusing on the handicrafts sector in Bangladesh. They organized two very important webinars on Impact Investment Ecosystem that were based on the following topics; Developing a larger understanding around Impact Investment and Understanding the roles of NGOs/NPOs for Impact Investment. Both the webinars were facilitated by LightCastle Partners who have a long experience in impact investment for Bangladesh. Bijon Islam, CEO at LightCastle Partners was the key speaker and presented a comprehensive landscape on impact investment.

Check out some key insights and the role of NGOs/NPOs in improving the prospects of impact investment in Bangladesh below.

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