Bangladesh Shrimp Sector: Transitioning Towards Sustainable Growth

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August 4, 2022
Bangladesh Shrimp Sector: Transitioning Towards Sustainable Growth

The Bangladeshi shrimp sector enables livelihood opportunities for millions of people residing in the southern part of the country. Once labeled as the next big export driver, the Shrimp sector is currently at a juncture with two distinct schools of thought: introducing Vannamei (White legged) production in the Bangladesh shrimp ecosystem or pursuing Monodon (Black Tiger) as a premium natural product in the global market.

With the advent of LDC graduation, the impact of climate change and dwindling market share in the global arena, the future of the Shrimp sub-sector will be relying heavily on the collaborative partnership among policymakers, value chain actors, and development partners.

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To know more about the future of the Shrimp sector, download LightCastle Partners’ latest whitepaper titled “Bangladesh Shrimp Sector Transitioning Towards Sustainable Growth” in the link provided below.

The report broadly covers the status quo of the global and Bangladeshi Shrimp sector and recommends a way forward for establishing a quality assurance framework through integrated backward linkage and improved branding of the Bangladeshi Shrimp in the international market.

To learn more about Bangladesh Shrimp Sector Document download full report

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