Empowering Minds: How LightCastle Fostered Internal Capacity Development in 2023 (Part 2)

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June 27, 2024
Empowering Minds: How LightCastle Fostered Internal Capacity Development in 2023 (Part 2)

Presentation Development Session

This session was conducted by Mehad Ul Haque, Senior Business Consultant & Project Manager, on August 7th, 2023. Now, this may seem like a repetition of the previous session as it also concerns slide creation, but it was a more in-depth and interactive session on presentation aesthetics, analytical slide creation, key principles of presentation flow, suitable graphs and charts, layouts, etc. 

The “Powerful Consulting Decks & Reports” session led by Bijon Islam focused on more high-level concepts and principles, focusing on story building, narrative framework, and the basics of consulting decks. In contrast, this session delved deeper, covering fundamental dos and don’ts, offering practical tips and tricks, and engaging in thorough discussions on specific challenges faced by team members.

Driving Systems Change

On August 21st, 2023, Zahedul Amin, Director, Finance, Strategy, and Consulting Services, conducted a session on Market Systems Development. It covered all the fundamentals of the topic, including what Market Systems Development entails, what actions can be taken, and what drives systemic change. 

The focus was on understanding ongoing shifts in the field, crafting a definition of tasks and tools for facilitating systemic change, and applying a framework for systemic change. The session aimed to initiate a discussion on how programs define and interpret ‘systemic change’ and how its achievement can be managed and measured. 

Furthermore, the session emphasized attributes associated with systemic changes and discussed how programs can manage their interventions to achieve these changes, including the frameworks, tools, and indicators they use for decision-making and determining when their facilitation tasks are complete.

SEO Friendly Content Development

Ashraful Amin Rafi, Senior Growth Manager at EKAGRA Health, led a session on September 3rd, 2023, aimed at equipping consultants and content developers with the basic skills required for SEO-friendly content development. This thorough session explored the detailed aspects of SEO, including but not limited to keyword research, keyword placement, content structure, competitor analysis, readability analysis, and more. 

At a knowledge-driven management and development consulting firm, proficiency in writing is a crucial skill. Understanding the fundamentals of SEO and guiding our team effectively will help consultants and content developers prepare more reader-friendly content which will enhance the reach and impact of the work that we do through the content, reports, and stories that we develop. 

Consultancy Soundbites

Rageeb Kibria, Senior Consultant at Deloitte Canada and a former senior member of the LightCastle Partners team conducted a session on November 1st, 2023, where he spoke about various frameworks to identify opportunities for change and growth, understand business chemistry, and use key tools for personal and professional development. He explained how to set growth targets and introduce standardized tools to streamline processes and delivery. 

Standardization reduces the need to think about how to do things, allowing more focus on execution. The session also covered the importance of understanding Business Chemistry, which involves recognizing personality types and improving relationships. This knowledge helps you understand what clients and colleagues want, their thought processes, and how to approach them effectively, adapting your work pattern and presentations to suit their preferences. 


2023 marked a strong start with frequent training sessions at LightCastle Partners, aimed at enhancing team efficiency and fostering professional growth. Eight sessions, including Introduction to Power BI and Preparing Powerful Presentations, addressed specific skill needs and provided advanced knowledge and tools crucial for tasks like driving systemic change and creating SEO-friendly content, among others.

These conclave sessions are pivotal for LightCastle Partners as they represent a proactive approach to addressing workforce and industry needs. By investing in targeted training, we empower team members and cultivate a culture of learning and growth.

The sessions were received positively and helped foster capacity development within the organization. We will host many more in the future, committed to continuous learning and fostering growth among our team members to remain competitive and successful in the management consultancy industry.

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