Financial Inclusion Event
    On April 2, 2021, Bijon Islam, Co-founder and CEO, Lightcastle Partners, recently moderated a seminar, organized by Startup Bangladesh Limited, titled “Role of Digital Device and Literacy Ensuring Financial Inclusion in Bangladesh” at the Biggest “Made in Bangladesh” Tech Innovation Exhibition, “Digital Device and Innovation Expo- 2021“.

    Bijon Islam, spoke about the challenges of pursuing financial inclusion, sharing knowledge about the possible integration of banks and Fin-tech companies to create newer opportunities for the country and shared ideas about the integration of greater MFS to boost the interconnectivity and financial inclusion within the country with the key panelists.
    The panelists in the seminar included:
    1. MD Ashraful Alam, General Manager, Bangladesh Bank
    2. Tina F Jabeen, Managing Director and CEO, Startup Bangladesh Limited
    3. Maliha Qadir, Founder and Managing Director, Shohoz
    To watch the recording of the seminar, click here.