IFC recently launched the ‘Tackling Childcare in Bangladesh: The Business Benefits and Challenges of Employer-Supported Childcare’ report at Amari Hotel in Dhaka on November 6, 2019. LightCastle Partners was the research partner for the study which covered 300+ Dhaka-based employers and 40 other stakeholders.

    Zahedul Amin, co-founder and Director and Farah Hamud Khan, Senior Business Consultant at LightCastle Partners presented the findings of the study.

    The results of the data analyses revealed that only 16% of employers surveyed provide childcare solutions to their employees. Employers who provide childcare solutions have experienced positive impacts on organizational profitability, women’s career advancement, talent acquisition, branding as an employer, employee productivity, retention, culture and morale.

    The business case for providing childcare solutions to employees is clear from this robust analyses. However, 23% of the employers surveyed are planning to provide childcare solutions, and 61% have no plans to provide childcare solutions. Common obstacles faced by employers not providing childcare solutions include lack of funds to build infrastructure, lack of clarity regarding guidelines for childcare, identifying existing providers, etc.

    The launch also presented recommendations, which were formulated using the data analyses and consults with public, private and development sector experts, for family-friendly work environments. The recommendations could be instrumental in mitigating the gender wage gap and low female labor force participation rate (LFPR) in Bangladesh.

    For details, download the report from here: https://databd.co/reports/tackling-childcare-the-business-benefits-and-challenges-of-employer-supported-childcare-in-bangladesh