Reimagining Jobs After Covid-19 Webinar

    Ivdad Ahmed Khan Mojlish, Managing Director, LightCastle Partners, recently took part in a webinar titled, “Reimagining Jobs After Covid-19” to provide invaluable insights along with key recommendations to overcome and manage the abrupt change in the demand of jobs and skills in our pandemic struck economy. He was joined by other guests who also helped shed light on the contemporary issue to the audience.

    Reimagining job in the post-pandemic era
                                         Webinar on: Reimagining job in the post-pandemic era

    The virtual discussion took place on September 3, 2020, and was based on providing guidance to the current and upcoming crop of workers and youth to help withstand the post-COVID era, which is bound to be one of the most challenging phases for the global economy. The esteemed panel earmarked the importance of successfully honing both entrepreneurial and job-relevant skills which are needed now more than ever.

    The event is part of a month-long program titled “Future of Work Post COVID 19: Building a sustainable post-pandemic future for the youth”. This campaign is organized by the EMK Center, University of Liberal Arts, Bangladesh, and The Business Standard.