During an economic downturn, SMEs and startups are usually the worst hit and the impact of COVID-19 has proven to be the same. While the nature of the impact is evident, the magnitude of it isn’t widely discussed. In order to deep dive into the data-backed impact on the startup ecosystems of Bangladesh and Pakistan, LightCastle Partners and Invest2Innovate hosted a webinar session.

    The panelists for the session were

    1. Kalsoom Lakhani – CEO & Founder at Invest2Innovate
    2. Ambareen Baig – Research Lead at Invest2Innovate
    3. Tina Jabeen – Investment Advisor at Startup Bangladesh
    4. Bijon Islam – CEO at LightCastle Partners
    5. Muneeb Maayr – Founder at Bykea

    The webinar brought forth discussions around what startups should do to navigate through this period and thrive in the future, the spaces for opportunities and things Pakistan and Bangladesh can learn from each other for the future as neighboring startup ecosystems.

    Watch the recording of the session here: https://www.lightcastlebd.com/videos/entrepreneurship-investments/covid-19-south-asian-startups-deep-dive-of-data-backed-impact-on-bangladesh-and-pakistan