LightCastle Presents Findings of the BRAC ERMG Project Study to BRAC and its UDP Team

Rafayet Khan
December 14, 2021
LightCastle Presents Findings of the BRAC ERMG Project Study to BRAC and its UDP Team

LightCastle Partners recently presented the findings of the study “Effectiveness Study and Business Case Development” for the “Empowering the RMG Workers Living in Urban Slums of Dhaka (ERMG) Project”, BRAC Urban Development Programme. The findings from the study were presented to the officials and dignitaries from BRAC and its UDP team, Porticus, and other project partners in BRAC Conference Center on November 30, 2021. The chief Guest of the event was Mr. Asif Saleh, Executive Director, BRAC.


On behalf of LightCastle, Mr. Zahedul Amin, Director, Strategy, Finance and Consulting Services, LightCastle Partners and Tamanna Shahnowaz Sohanee, Senior Business Consultant & Project Manager, presented the key findings of the study. Other speakers at the event were Mr. Asif Saleh, Executive Director, BRAC,  and  Md. Liakath Ali, Director, Climate Change Programme, BRAC & BRAC International and UDP, BRAC.


The key objective of the study was to understand the acceptance of different services among the beneficiaries, build a strategic pathway to make the project sustainable and create a potential business case that will delve into the challenges and gauge the perspective of factory owners and buyers in terms of impact on their business.


The pivotal findings recommended by LightCastle Partners will help the project leverage its social impact and drive the project towards sustainability.

WRITTEN BY: Rafayet Khan

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