LightCastle Signs a Contract with LC Packaging

The Editor
September 19, 2022
LightCastle Signs a Contract with LC Packaging

LightCastle Partners has recently signed a contract with LC Packaging: a leading Netherland headquartered packaging conglomerate operating in Bangladesh under a JV arrangement. As part of its 100-year anniversary, LC Packaging is looking to deploy CSR funds for alleviating poverty and facilitating inclusive growth of the country. LightCastle has been entrusted to support the fund deployment strategy.

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Education has been identified as the preferred sector based on preliminary research and the donor has requested to assess the feasibility of setting up a primary/secondary school in the Munshiganj region. To this end, LightCastle will be assessing the feasibility of setting up a school in the vicinity based on the social impact generated by such investment. LightCastle will also provide strategic guidance for developing a sustainable operational model.

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