To voice the ideas of the youth, Youth Opportunities & IPDC Finance arranged a writing competition that allowed the youngsters to share their thoughts, pitch their ideas and recommend their suggestions to the policymakers. Inspiring them to be a part of Bangladesh’s Recovery Idea and Plan in the Post COVID-19 Era! There were 1000+ submissions for 10 themes in the initial stage from which the top 200 write-ups reached the finale.

    LightCastle Partners was a support partner in this initiative as the knowledge and evaluation manager. We assisted in selecting the top 3 applicants of each theme from the secondary screening pool of 200 write-ups. LCP was responsible to co-ordinate with the lead jurors and assure proper evaluation marking and entry into the tabulation system, keeping transparency and quality assurance at each stage.

    For the link to the online result ceremony, click here.
    For further details on the competition please visit here.