BRAC Digital Ecosystem Action Review

    LightCastle Partners has recently signed a contract with BRAC for the project titled, Bangladesh Digital Ecosystem Activity for COVID-19 Rapid Response. Funded by USAID, this project intends to strengthen the digital space by making reliable COVID-19 information available for the general public of Bangladesh, in order to improve its COVID-19 response. BRAC aims to block the spread of misinformation to the general public through their Data Tree platform. The innovative platform analyzes and tracks rumors to generate a Rumor Map, and show the type and scale of rumors in Bangladesh.

    LightCastle will evaluate the overall Rumor Map development process and analyze the complete data input to output spectrum. Moreover, the team will identify areas of improvement, target the pain points that require further consolidation, align stakeholders’ points of interest and explore possible avenues in order to bring greater sustainability for possible future scale-up of the project.

    LightCastle’s mixed methods approach, largely aided by the firm’s in-house technology capabilities, will also be implemented to conduct this project. The project is expected to be completed by the end of this month. The findings of the study will be used to formulate recommendations and strategies for further programme development, eradicate the spread of false information and ensure proper knowledge in dealing with Covid-19 in rural areas of Bangladesh.