Quick Service Restaurant and Processed Food Industry of Bangladesh

    The fast-food industry has grown quite fast over the years, affecting health and the youth. Key challenges need to be overcome for the improvement of public health and ensurance of proper nutrition.

    Bangladesh Startup Ecosystem Infographic Video

    Our Ecosystem has grown exponentially over the last decade but how will it react to the COVID-19 crisis?

    Implications of Covid-19 on the Footwear Sector of Bangladesh

    COVID-19 has impeded the growth of our Footwear Sector. Can the export-dependent industry find a way to wade through? Check out some intriguing facts here.

    Virtual Launch: LightCastle Business Confidence Index 2019-20

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    SMEs, Development & Sustainability: Charting Strategies to Succeed in a Post Crisis…

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    Covid-19 & SMEs: Impact on SMEs of Bangladesh

    LightCastle Partners and hosted a virtual session with industry experts and entrepreneurs to understand the impact of COVID-19 on SME Sector.