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LightCastle: Dream, Vision, Culture, and The Story of Inclusive Growth – Founders’ Special

Since its inception in 2013, LightCastle Partners has been taking a systemic and data-driven approach to create opportunities for growth and impact in Bangladesh. Fostering inclusive and sustainable growth in Bangladesh and beyond has been the founding vision of the organization.

In Episode 4 of the LightCastle Live podcast series, the co-founders of LightCastle delve deep into the founding story, vision, culture, growth ambitions, and success stories over our eleven-year journey. Our guests for this episode include Bijon Islam, Chief Executive Officer, Ivdad Ahmed Khan Mojlish, Managing Director, and Zahedul Amin, Director of Finance, Strategy and Consulting Services.

Join us as they share their insights into their entrepreneurial journey so far, what keeps them motivated to push boundaries and aim for greater impact towards promoting sustainable and inclusive economic growth in Bangladesh, building a knowledge-driven team culture to make impactful interventions in areas such as financial inclusion, gender disparity, climate change, entrepreneurship development, and much more.

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Bijon Islam

Chief Executive Officer, LightCastle Partners

Bijon is the co-founder and CEO of LightCastle Partners, an organization that focuses on creating data-driven opportunities for growth and impact for development partners, corporates, SMEs and Startups. Over the last seven years, Bijon has led the company in engagements across 150+ businesses/development partners, 1,500+ SMEs/Startups and 50+ accelerator programs in multiple industries including Technology, Agriculture, Health, Energy and Manufacturing.


Ivdad Ahmed Khan Mojlish

Managing Director, LightCastle Partners

As an entrepreneur, Ivdad loves to dream big, work more, and talk less. And he believes that his ambition will drive his ability. His passion for a data-driven economy led him to establish LightCastle Partners (LCP) as a premier consulting firm in Bangladesh. Working at the intersection of data, development, technology and finance over the past six years, he has helped chart 200+ impact stories by enabling 400+ organizations – spanning private, public and development – become comfortable with data-driven decision making.


Zahedul Amin

Director, Finance, Strategy and Consulting Services

Zahedul Amin is an entrepreneur, sustainable business consultant and a researcher with 12+ years of experience in private & development sector consulting, market research and banking. Zahed has expertise in consulting and research, and has led 140+ projects with private and development sector clients. He believes in the power of data in driving strategic imperatives for clients. Based on his diverse experiences, he’s adept at cross-migrating sector best practices for designing sustainable business models and engaging the private sector in solving development challenges. He has significant expertise in market and consumer research, value chain analysis, business model development, private sector engagement, financial modeling and impact assessment.