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Going Beyond Numbers: Insights on the Future of Data and Artificial Intelligence – Saqiful Alam

Joining us for a brand-new episode of LightCastle Live is Saqiful Alam, Senior Expert in Data Analytics and Business Intelligence at LightCastle Partners, in a candid conversation with Ameera Fairooz, Business Consultant at LightCastle Partners.

In this episode, he delves deep into the future of data-driven growth and impact touching on areas including but not limited to:

  1. How advancements in generative AI are reshaping the global workforce and local industries
  2. The need for organizations to adapt and integrate data-driven approaches into their operations.
  3. Advice for young professionals and students on adapting to the changing data landscape and enhancing data literacy skills.



Saqiful Alam

Senior Expert in Data Analytics and Business Intelligence, LightCastle Partners

Saqif is at present working in the Trust and Safety Zone in TikTok, looking after the South Asia Markets. He is also a Senior Expert in Data Analytics and Business Intelligence for LightCastle Partners, and a professional trainer for Upskill, GP Accelerator and National University of Singapore Executive Education School. His consulting and work areas of focus are – data-driven decision-making, application of machine learning in businesses, transforming businesses to be data driven, strategic risk management, and simulations. He also specializes on startup scaling up and strategic planning. He has also published in world renowned journals research articles on decision making and future scenario planning.

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