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Growth Hacks from the Trenches: Insights from 20 Years of Building Brands – Shahriar Amin

Joining us for a brand new episode of LightCastle Live is Shahriar Amin, author, adviser, and go-to-market & startup growth specialist. In a candid conversation with Zahedul Amin, Director of Finance and Consulting at LightCastle Partners, he recounts his 20-year journey from building brands across multiple sectors in Bangladesh to becoming an author and consultant helping startups accelerate growth.

With a knack for telling stories, Shahriar Amin has led marketing transformation at Grameenphone, Japan Tobacco International, Akash DTH, and other global conglomerates and helped spearhead breakthrough brands like Djuice. This episode is a must-watch for aspiring entrepreneurs, startup founders, students, early-stage professionals, or anyone seeking inspiration to drive personal and professional growth.



Shahriar Amin

Author, Marketeer, and Startup Growth Specialist

Shahriar Amin is an author, marketeer, and startup growth specialist with 20+ years of experience in building brands, leading organizational transformations, and helping startups accelerate their growth.

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