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Impact Investing Insights from Biniyog Briddhi – Maxime Cheng, Roots of Impact

With aspirations to become the 24th-largest global economy by 2030, Bangladesh is rapidly transitioning into a digital and knowledge-driven powerhouse. This transformation hinges on inclusivity, aiming to involve all segments of society in its progress. Enter impact enterprises—a crucial catalyst. By innovatively addressing social and environmental challenges, these enterprises ensure that even marginalized communities can access economic opportunities as consumers, suppliers, and employees.

The Biniyog Briddhi Program lies at the heart of this change. It is a multi-year program funded by the Embassy of Switzerland in Bangladesh, implemented by Roots of Impact, and LightCastle Partners. It fosters impact enterprise growth by connecting investors, private sector players, accelerators, incubators, and support organizations, developing a common language of what impactful change entails.

Joining us for Episode 3 of LightCastle Live is Maxime Cheng, Program Manager of Biniyog Briddhi and Lead Impact Intelligence and Education at Roots of Impact. Maxime’s expertise spans over 8 years in the intersection of development policy, impact entrepreneurship, and innovative financing.

The discussion encompasses:

  1. How does Biniyog Briddhi balance impact measurement with financial returns in its due diligence?
  2. How does Biniyog Briddhi distinguish evidence-based impact from potential impact washing?
  3. What is required to enhance Bangladesh’s impact investment landscape?

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Maxime Cheng

Lead Impact Intelligence and Education, Roots of Impact

Maxime Cheng is the Lead Impact Intelligence & Education at Roots of Impact, which includes managing the B-Briddhi program in Bangladesh and the Social Finance Academy as an education platform that curates both online and onsite education in the field of impact measurement & management, impact investment readiness, and Impact-Linked Finance.

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