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What Makes a Startup Story Compelling to Potential Investors? – Sadia Haque, ShareTrip

Introducing ShareTrip, a pioneering Bangladeshi startup reshaping the aviation and tourism landscape with innovative solutions. Founded with a vision to provide end-to-end travel solutions for Bangladeshis and beyond, ShareTrip has become a leading platform for booking flights, hotels, holidays, and visa assistance as core services, revolutionizing how people explore the world.

At the head of ShareTrip is its CEO and Co-Founder, Sadia Haque. Since founding the company in 2019, Sadia’s fierce commitment to her vision has helped the business raise an impressive USD 4.5 Mn in funding within its first four years of operation, setting new standards for success in this market.

In Episode 1 of LightCastle Live’s Startup Success vertical, Sadia takes us through her journey as a successful startup founder in Bangladesh and shares some of her advice for young entrepreneurs in the startup scene:

  1. What makes a story compelling to potential investors?
  2. What were some of the biggest challenges faced by ShareTrip and how did you confront them?
  3. How can we create a more inclusive and supportive environment for women entrepreneurs?



Sadia Haque

Co-Founder & CEO, ShareTrip

Sadia Haque is the Co-Founder and CEO of ShareTrip, the country's first online travel platform, since 2019. She completed her BBA from North South Univeristy with dual major in Marketing and HRM and has gained 14 years of experince working in Telcos, MNCs, Media and Technology companies which enabled her to establish ShareTrip and build it into a market leader in just 4 years.

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