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Why Bangladeshi Startups Should Be on Every VC’s Radar – Robin Butler, Sturgeon Capital

Over the past decade, Bangladeshi startups have raised over $900 Mn in funding. While in recent times, increasing government support and private sector initiatives have contributed a large chunk of deals made, funds from global investors have made up more than 85% of annual funds raised since 2018. As the landscape draws increasing attention from global investors, Bangladeshi startups are scaling their way to new heights, mobilizing innovative solutions in a country of 170+ Mn people.

In Episode 2 of LightCastle Live’s Startup Success series, we dive into why the emerging startup ecosystem in Bangladesh should be on every VC’s radar with Robin Butler CFA, Partner and Head of Impact at Sturgeon Capital.

Robin is a seasoned professional, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise from his experience across diverse emerging markets. His role at Sturgeon Capital, a London-based venture firm leading in emerging markets, adds to his unique perspective on Bangladesh’s startup market’s positioning compared to peer countries. Robin’s insights provide a comprehensive view of the challenges and opportunities for both local and international investors in Bangladesh.

Listen in as we delve into:

  1. What sets Bangladesh’s startup ecosystem apart from other emerging markets?
  2. What measures or foundational elements are crucial for propelling further growth for Bangladesh’s startup landscape?
  3. How can global investors better explore the promising startup opportunities within Bangladesh’s vibrant market?



Robin Butler CFA

Partner & Head of Impact, Sturgeon Capital

Robin Butler is a Partner and the Head of Impact at Sturgeon Capital, a London-based venture firm leading in emerging markets. A student of Arabic and Middle Eastern History at university, Robin has lived, worked, and travelled in emerging markets for the past ten years.

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