A K M Mushfiqur Rahman

LightCastle Editorial Wing
March 28, 2024
A K M Mushfiqur Rahman
Trainee Consultant

A K M Mushfiqur Rahman recently graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree from North South University, specializing in Marketing. Beginning his professional journey as a Trainee Consultant at LightCastle Partners, he brings a diverse skill set and extensive part-time experience to his role.
During his tenure in the Strategic Planning department at Mindscape Communications, Rahman cultivated a solid foundation in marketing and business strategy. Additionally, his role as an educator at Mentors Education for over a year has developed his ability to effectively communicate complex concepts to a diverse audience. Attracted by the promising opportunity for professional growth and a collaborative work environment, he has joined LightCastle Partners with a vision to drive meaningful change.

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