Resources for Entrepreneurs


DATABD.CO is a one-stop source for business data in Bangladesh. The platform is aimed at facilitating access to industry datasets in meaningful formats for the business community in and out of Bangladesh.

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eFarmersHub is an integrated digital platform for transparent and traceable agriculture. The platform enables and ensures smallholders in rural communities have access to quality inputs, mechanization services, knowledge as well as markets. This helps increase productivity and ensure fair prices.

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The Pitch Perfect

The Pitch Perfect is a pitch-tech platform that hosts essential resources to prepare winning pitch decks for effective fundraising. Startups leveraged the online tool to build requisite capacity. As part of the project, we also organized a pitching competition, awarding BDT 50,000 as seed funding to the winner.

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We developed an online fintech platform for startups. It allows them to easily generate basic financials as part of capital raise. The idea was to introduce a tool that will render the power of generating financials to literally anyone-regardless of prior knowledge in finance.

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In collaboration with the EMK Center, we conceptualized and run an entrepreneurial platform for Women in STEM in Bangladesh–TechBeez. It is a networking, event and competition platform aimed at connecting aspiring female students in STEM fields with successful and inspiring female leaders in the ICT and digital industry.

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Invest Bangladesh

Invest Bangladesh is a platform which promotes international investments in Bangladesh by enabling access to macroeconomic, industry level and regulatory insights, and facilitating end-to-end market entry process via ecosystem partners.

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Entrepreneurs of Bangladesh

Entrepreneurship in Bangladesh is not only about the large sized RMGs, pharmaceuticals and technology companies. The true spirit of entrepreneurship runs among our rural SMEs as well – ones we often neglect. The platform tells their stories.

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