Saqiful Alam

LightCastle Editorial Wing
March 20, 2023
Saqiful Alam
Senior Expert, Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Saqif is at present working in the Trust and Safety Zone in TikTok, looking after the South Asia Markets. Besides this, he is an Analytics Adviser at Intelligent Machines Limited (a company working with machine learning and big data) and Upksill (a professional training and certification platform), and works on several other strategic and analytics consultancy projects. He is also a Senior Expert in Data Analytics and Business Intelligence for LightCastle Partners, and a professional trainer for Upskill, GP Accelerator and National University of Singapore Executive Education School. 

Recently, he has worked with IBA, Dhaka University to introduce the first ever Business Analytics course for undergraduates doing BBA. He did his Masters in Management, focusing on Data Strategy, from National University of Singapore, before which, in 2012 he completed his MSc in Operations and Risk Management from University of Manchester and did his BBA from IBA, Dhaka University in 2011.

His consulting and work areas of focus are – data-driven decision-making, application of machine learning in businesses, transforming businesses to be data driven, strategic risk management, and simulations. He also specializes on startup scaling up and strategic planning. He has also published in world renowned journals research articles on decision making and future scenario planning.

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