Rasel Rana

Rafayet Khan
July 3, 2019
Rasel Rana
Chief Technology Officer

Strong business acumen with a high level of IT and digital expertise, CTO role running the digital division of this Organization. Rasel is a customer-focused product and technology executive with a passion for driving commercial and social change through digital transformation.

He has a track record of success in corporate and startup environments and has strong leadership with vision and excellent team-building and management skills, able to operate in complex environments whilst managing technologists and digital professionals. Rasel has a passion for customer experience and building compelling digital products for customers combining innovative design with high-performance technology.

He has several years of hands-on experience scaling agile development for larger projects and introducing agile development on an enterprise scale.

Rasel is passionate about tech-based inventions and loves to articulate his thoughts by developing creative software applications. His interests range from technology to travel. His current passions include blockchain, cryptography, and Tech for Good!

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