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    At LightCastle, we put emphasis on developing solid business models, centered around data-driven approaches and clear product/value. We deliver on our promise for SMEs and startups through our accelerator and investments unit. The recipe is simple: adopt lean startup principles, run classroom and experiential sessions, expand networks and facilitate capital. 

    While our present focus lies in agriculture and technology, going forward we aim to capitalize on growth opportunities across other promising verticals, too.

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    "LightCastle always makes decisions that center around data. That is what makes this organization stand out from the rest in the field of alternative investments."
    Md. Razibul Islam
    Co-founder, Paperfly Private Limited
    "From ACDI/VOCA we made a great partnership with LightCastle for running a business accelerator program targeting women-led MSMEs. I appreciate their sincerity to tailor the coursework material considering the need of women agri-entrepreneurs to address their specific needs. They are indeed a true game changer for the next generation MSMEs!"  
    Afifa Afrin
    Gender Analyst, ACDI/VOCA
    "Finding venture capital investments is a good challenge in Bangladesh. This is when we connected with LightCastle Partners, with their expertise to raise alternative investments. Their data-driven approach is excellent that helped us achieve grant funding from BFPB Challenge Fund."
    Ilmul Haque Sajib
    Chief Operating Officer,

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