Bangladesh Entrepreneurship Landscape



Over the last decade, the Bangladesh Entrepreneurship Ecosystem has accumulated an excess of USD 330 million in international investments from big-name corporate investors and venture capital, especially in industries such as Logistics, Mobility, and Fintech. The emergence of active Angel Investment Networks, Impact Investing, host of local and international operating accelerators/ incubators propelled 1,200+ active Startups, generating 1.5 million+ employment – embracing products and services of Startups as part of the country’s everyday life.

The Bangladesh Entrepreneurship Landscape serves as a useful tool to visualize the entrepreneurship ecosystem and find the networks and relationships between the different enterprises and ecosystem builders. The ecosystem includes many different players who are working to build and establish the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

The Bangladesh Entrepreneurship Landscape contains three components that provide a holistic overview of the landscape.

1. The Ecosystem Map showcases the relevant stakeholders and players who are present in the entrepreneurship ecosystem. The Map further analyses these different stakeholders by grouping them under their parent categories.

2. The AirTable complements the Ecosystem Map by allowing the user to search up specific organizations and get more in-depth information about the stakeholders of the ecosystem.

3. The Connections Map illustrates the various connections between the stakeholders of the ecosystem. This map gives a complete overview of the types of collaborations between the stakeholders.


In order to integrate your illustrations into the website, embed the following links:

– Ecosystem Map: Link

– Connections Map: Link

– Stakeholders: Link

Please follow these instructions in order to navigate the interactive maps:

– Use the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons on the top right-hand corner to zoom in/out of the map

– Click on the ‘Zoom Fit’ button (one with the two arrows) to bring the whole map into a view

– Left-click on the map and drag in order to move your view in a certain direction

– Click on an element in the map to bring up the left sidebar which displays the relevant information. This bar contains a ‘cross’ button on the top right-hand side; clicking on it will close this section.

After clicking on the map, the ‘Focus’ button will appear on the top right-hand corner. Clicking on it will focus the view onto that single element.

You can use the search bar on the top left-hand side to search for a specific element/organization.

– Clicking one of the categories at the bottom will highlight the elements under that category. You will then have to manually zoom onto those elements. Clicking on the category again will unhighlight those elements. You can select multiple categories.

For the interactive stakeholders’ table, follow these instructions to find a specific organization:

– Use the search bar on the top left-hand corner to find a specific organization

– You can also search using the name of a person or any other keywords in the search bar

– Alternatively, click on the ‘Filter’ button on the top left-hand corner.

– Select the attribute by which you want to filter; ‘Name’ is chosen by default

– Type in the words/values by which you want to filter. For example, ‘Name’ contains ’10’ will bring up 10 Minute School

– Use the ‘Download CSV’ button at the bottom right-hand corner to download the whole database in .csv format.

– Use the ‘View larger version’ button at the bottom right-hand corner to view the whole table on a single page

Bangladesh Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Map

Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Stakeholders

Bangladesh Entrepreneurship Ecosystem
Relations in Play

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