Bangladesh Startup Ecosystem: Funding Landscape

The Bangladesh startup ecosystem is thriving, with over 1,200 active startups and an additional 200+ new startups emerging each year. These startups play a crucial role in the country’s economy by generating significant employment opportunities, with over 1.5 Mn jobs created by the sector. 

To provide valuable insights and real-time tracking of startup funding in Bangladesh, LightCastle Partners introduces its interactive dashboard, Bangladesh Startup Ecosystem: Funding Landscape. The dashboard is presented in collaboration with Startup Bangladesh Limited, Anchorless Bangladesh, Bangladesh Angels Network, and BD Startup Founders. The aim is to offer stakeholders, including investors, entrepreneurs, and industry professionals, a comprehensive overview of the Bangladesh startup ecosystem funding landscape and foster collaboration within the ecosystem.

Key highlights from the dashboard include:

For more analytical insights on the startup ecosystem in Bangladesh, check out the latest LightCastle Partners’ quarterly report on Bangladesh Startup Funding trends.

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