Assessment of Livestock Value Chain: Growth Potential for Dairy, Beef and Feed Sub-sectors

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February 15, 2022
Assessment of  Livestock Value Chain: Growth Potential for Dairy, Beef and Feed Sub-sectors

The Opportunity

On behalf of a leading integrated feed manufacturing company in Bangladesh, LightCastle Partners conducted a study to explore Bangladesh’s Beef, Dairy, and Cattle feed market. The joint venture company, having a prominent role in the animal feed industry of the country, wanted to identify opportunities for entering the Beef, Dairy, and Cattle feed market and capturing more market share in this sub-sector.

The Approach

The study aimed to gather a holistic view of the national beef, dairy and cattle feed consumer market and preferences. In order to get a representative understanding, LightCastle Partners conducted surveys and KIIs with farmers, feed retailers, middlemen, associations, and government officials across twenty districts across the country. Additionally, LightCastle has utilized data from secondary resources to provide in-depth insights into the sub-sectors. Furthermore, to validate and triangulate the market details, primary interviews were conducted with market players and other distinguished stakeholders in the period of January-April 2021. The key findings were collated and further analyses were conducted for identifying growth opportunities for the client.


The study is expected to assist the client in considering the prospects and challenges of entering the market and/or scaling up the business to occupy more market share. Moreover, the study aims to develop market projections of Bangladesh’s Beef, Dairy, and Cattle Feed sectors.

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