Impact Assessment through Digital M&E Platform for BYEAH

LightCastle Analytics Wing
December 28, 2021
Impact Assessment through Digital M&E Platform for BYEAH

The Opportunity
Bangladesh Youth Enterprise Advice and Helpcenter (B’YEAH), a not-for-profit entrepreneurship development institute, runs a four-year long project that aims to train 300 youth entrepreneurs from a pool of 1500. To accurately determine the training modules and interventions, it was critical to understand the needs and periodically evaluate trainees’ performance against certain standardized benchmarks. Facing resource and time constraints, B’YEAH was in need of an innovative solution.

Our Approach
LightCastle capitalized on this opportunity by developing a digital monitoring and evaluation (M&E) tool that helped B’YEAH to design correct interventions and to stay on track in every aspect of the project. Composed of data entry forms and reports, the platform is clustered into several layers – mapping an entrepreneur’s journey from enrolling to training to mentoring to facilitating capital.

Since entrepreneur assessment was one of the required functionalities of the platform, we created a filtering system that auto computed results and sorted ranking in batches based on obtained scores. We also embedded content management system for uploading files such as business plans. Reports can be downloaded in excel, png, pdf and also be viewed in illustrative charts in a dynamic dashboard. Against quarterly KPIs, B’YEAH is able to track actual performance of the project, serving as a real-time guide. Finally, we also constructed B’YEAH’s website – in an effort to promote their entrepreneurs’ products. All this helped B’YEAH take quick, accurate and informed decisions throughout the project tenure.

The Future
We are constantly improving B’YEAH’s user experience and providing troubleshooting support. Moving forward, B’YEAH will continue to make informed decisions via the platform. The project is expected to run until the end of 2019.

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