Portfolio SMEs

Rasel Rana
June 28, 2019
Name Location Sector Investment Products
Hasib Matubbar Faridpur Agriculture & Jute 1.5 Crore BDT Raw Jute, Pulse
Tushar Khan Kanaipur Bazaar Agriculture & Jute 40 Lac BDT Raw Jute, Pulse
Enamul Khan Faridpur Jute 22 Lac BDT Raw Jute, Transport, Net Bags
Murad Sheikh Faridpur Construction & Jute 10 Lac BDT Raw Jute, Cement
Ashraful Hassan,
Society Development Committee (SDC)
Faridpur Agriculture & Personal Hygiene 40 Lac BDT Microcredit, Pulse, Vegetables, Organic Fertilizer, Rice Mill, Sanitary Napkin
Md. Delowar Hossain,
Momita Enterprise
Gazipur Horticulture 2 Crore BDT Flower, Flower seedlings
Al-Hajj Shamsul Haque Kanaipur Bazaar Jute 1.5 Crore BDT Mini Jute Mill, Jute Diversified Product(JDP)
Towhidul Islam Faridpur Agriculture 1.2 Crore BDT Cucumber, Pulses
Md. Shahidul Islam, Shahidul Farmers Hub Natore Agriculture 9.5 Lac BDT Seedlings, Vegetable,Agro-Machinery
Sk. Shahriar Bin Rasul Kushtia Fertilizer 10 Lac BDT Organic Fertilizer, Vermicompost, Co-compost
Raniganj Agro Farm Dinajpur Dairy 25 Lac BDT Dairy Products
Charushi Rangpur Jute 30 Lac BDT Jute Diversified Product(JDP)
Rangpur Craft Rangpur Jute 50 Lac BDT Jute Diversified Product(JDP)

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