LCP Event Coverage: Project Management for Entrepreneurs

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November 20, 2014
LCP Event Coverage: Project Management for Entrepreneurs

On the 17th of November, LightCastle Partners held a workshop on Project management for Entrepreneurs, conducted by Mr. Saifur Rahman, Co-founder of LightCastle Partners. Mr. Saif has over six years of Project Management and entrepreneurial experience in Bangladesh’s Technology and Investment Banking space. He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and till date has successfully completed over 100 projects.
The event was organized to create awareness about the need for proper project management practices in startup ventures and the resulting dividends to be reaped in the form of higher efficiency and productivity.
The workshop took off with an overflowing enthusiastic crowd of students from IBA, NSU, BRAC, EWU, JU, BGN and LightCastle Partners employees. A few well renowned Project Managers from reputed companies were also present at the event to contribute to higher audience engagement.
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Mr.Saif talked about the processes involved in Project Management and how to integrate these processes in real life projects. He talked about the best industry practices which can significantly ensure a more structural environment resulting in higher organizational performance.
“Being an entrepreneur, your company isn’t the one initiating the project. Instead, other corporations are hiring you to complete their projects. So, a startup on any given day is handling multiple projects at the same time with limited time and resources. It can be quite hard to juggle all of these together and if you don’t implement proper project management practices, something or the other is bound to fall through the crack and your project may end up failing disastrously.” said Mr. Saif.
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Mr. Saif also talked about a few points to follow through on every project, like locking in your scope, creating a blueprint of action, communicating with your employees and keeping them motivated, hedging risk and taking ownership of your results. Continuous improvement and improvisation in a dynamic business environment is the key to the growth of a startup. Strategic project management techniques complement growth and help businesses sustain growth.
The session ended with Bijon Islam, Co-founder and CEO of LightCastle Partners, showcasing a new product, LightCastle Data, as a testament to how project management practices can help a startup effectively and efficiently launch a product.
LightCastle Data is a new market research platform, a first of its kind in Bangladesh, where businesses can gain crucial quality assured market insight at half the cost and significantly lower turnaround time. Businesses can do this by creating customized surveys for conducting market research on the growing community of online respondents. The general public can register at as correspondents, take surveys and earn rewards and in-cash benefits.

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