Tackling Childcare: The Business Benefits and Challenges of Employer-supported Childcare in Bangladesh

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November 9, 2019
Tackling Childcare: The Business Benefits and Challenges of Employer-supported Childcare in Bangladesh

Recognizing the challenges associated with the lack of good quality, affordable childcare in Bangladesh, and the benefits that accrue over time if access is enabled, the Government of Bangladesh has instituted a set of policies to enhance family-friendly work environments.

The Bangladesh Labour Act requires businesses with more than 40 female employees to offer childcare options to their employees’ children who are under the age of 6.

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The policy brief presents findings from an IFC-led survey administered to more than 300 employers as well as consultations with more than 75 employees and 40 stakeholders in Bangladesh, including the government, civil society, and care providers, on the benefits, challenges, and solutions for employer-supported childcare.

In light of this research, the brief presents recommendations for employers, the government, and the development sector to advance employer-supported childcare in line with the legal mandate while improving outcomes for parents, children, businesses, and the economy of Bangladesh.

This policy brief builds on IFC’s series of Tackling Childcare Reports and is the result of a collaboration with several Bangladesh-based partners, including LightCastle Partners, the Ministry of Women and Children’s Affairs’ Bangladesh Shishu Academy, as well as BACCO, Better Work Bangladesh, BGMEA, BHTPA, BLFCA, BRAC-IED, BUILD, DCCI, Phulki, UNICEF Bangladesh, UN Global Compact Bangladesh, and the World Bank. Many thanks to all our partners for their commitment and engagement.

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