COVID-19 Impact on the SME Sector of Bangladesh

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May 9, 2020
COVID-19 Impact on the SME Sector of Bangladesh

LightCastle Partners & collaborated on an independent study about the “COVID-19 Impact on the SMEs of Bangladesh”. The survey was conducted in late April with over 230 SME respondents from all over Bangladesh covering industries involving Trading & Production (48.4%) that includes Perishable & Grains, Poultry, Dairy, Fisheries, Jute Diversified Products, and Retail Store; and Service Industry (51.6%) that includes food catering, electrician services, laundry, beauty salon, MFS agent, and restaurants.

The status-quo of the SMEs and their current hurdles  

  • 28% of SMEs have seen revenue drop by at least 50%, while 52% of SMEs have locks hung over their businesses generating no revenue at all
  • 2/3rd of the SMEs have a window of fewer than four months to survive in current conditions before they exhaust all their cash reserves

Measures were taken by SMEs to tackle the Pandemic

  • Enterprises are cutting corners massively by optimizing costs – 46% of SMEs are projecting to layoff over 50% of their Staff within four months if the situation does not improve
  • 42% of enterprises have cut their marketing expense down to zero

Implementation of the stimulus package to uplift the economy

  • The need of the hour is refinancing and providing capital at minimum cost to these marginalized SMEs 
  • The SMEs mentioned their needs for soft loans (52%), moratoriums (6%), and existing loans to be rescheduled without fines (15%)

Recommendations & Way Forward

  • Extended Reach: There is a need to bring the MFIs into the equation to have a wider reach across the country in providing credit
  • Government Tax Exemption: These measures will remove significant additional financial burdens on SMEs
  • Digital Transformation: SMEs and micro-merchant would need a holistic solution to survive in the long run during this scenario. One of the ways would be to Initiate a SMART Digital Transformation engagement with MSMEs in specific regions. Solutions would include: A) Integration with Digital Supply Chain, B) Digital Financial Solution, C) Access to Credit

To learn more insights, check out the slides below:

To learn more about the Impact on Bangladesh’s SME Landscape Document download full report

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