Infograph: Tracing the Trade Relations Between the Netherlands & Bangladesh

LightCastle Analytics Wing
February 18, 2021
Infograph: Tracing the Trade Relations Between the Netherlands & Bangladesh

The Netherlands & Bangladesh have built a formidable partnership since the recognition (of Bangladesh by the Netherlands) in 1972. Over time, both countries have ventured into numerous projects together, making several investments and strengthening the bonds even further. These infographics were visualized through the report, conceived by the Bangladesh Embassy in Netherlands and produced in cooperation between LightCastle Partners and Larive International (Zeist). Get access to the report here.

Take a look at their amazing journey so far:

The Thriving Dutch-Bangladesh Investment Climate

In recent times, Bangladesh has experienced an expansion of economic activity with the Netherlands. The country witnessed a leap in FDI inflow, contributing a staggering 21% putting the Netherlands at the forefront of the country’s overall FDI inflow.

Blossoming Trade Relations with the Netherlands

Trade with the Netherlands has gained traction in the past few years. This has helped open up new opportunities for the local industries of both Bangladesh and its dutch counterparts. The surge in both exports and imports is pushing towards greater innovation, strategic commitment and efficiency.

Investment Opportunities in Bangladesh

The Netherlands and Bangladesh share key expertise that matches each country’s local industry needs. With the focus on the Bangladeshi sectors, it is clear that there is a great promise of returns from foreign investments. This remarkable compatibility between the two nations could possibly assist in paving a path towards vast economic advancements.

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