Apprehending the Impact Investment Landscape of Bangladesh

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August 18, 2021
Apprehending the Impact Investment Landscape of Bangladesh

Impact investing has emerged as a powerful tool for deploying capital with social, environmental, and financial objectives worldwide. This approach has gained prominence across various sectors and asset classes, including agriculture, education, healthcare, microfinance, and financial inclusion, in both developing and developed markets. In Bangladesh, impact investing is driving innovative solutions to address social, environmental, and economic challenges while fostering economic growth.

An influential organization in this space is ICCO, a leading NGO focused on mobilizing rural communities and promoting inclusive, sustainable, and profitable income-generating opportunities. 

ICCO has been exploring opportunities to support social enterprises in the handicrafts sector in Bangladesh. They recently conducted two impactful webinars titled, “Developing a larger understanding of Impact Investment,” and “Understanding the roles of NGOs/NPOs for Impact Investment.” These webinars, facilitated by LightCastle Partners, a renowned firm with extensive experience in impact investment in Bangladesh, covered important themes such as developing a comprehensive understanding of impact investment and exploring the roles of NGOs and non-profit organizations in this field. 

The key speaker, Bijon Islam, Co-Founder and CEO at LightCastle Partners, presented a detailed overview of the impact investment landscape in the country.

The insights shared during these webinars shed light on the significant role that NGOs and non-profit organizations play in enhancing the prospects of impact investment in Bangladesh. These organizations act as catalysts by fostering partnerships, providing support and guidance to social enterprises, and promoting an ecosystem of accountability for sustainable development.

Impact investing in Bangladesh aligns with the country’s commitment to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. By channeling investments into enterprises that deliver positive social and environmental outcomes alongside financial returns, impact investing contributes to the broader national agenda of poverty alleviation, sustainable economic growth, and social well-being.

Check out some key insights and the role of NGOs/NPOs in improving the prospects of impact investment in Bangladesh below.

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