Bangladesh Donor Funding Landscape

LightCastle Analytics Wing
November 19, 2021
Bangladesh Donor Funding Landscape

Since Bangladesh’s independence back in the early 70s, the country has been evolving into an economic powerhouse. Bangladesh’s growth has accelerated over the last couple of decades, spearheaded by the apparel sector and augmented by remittance earnings, resulting in rising per capita income, which crossed the USD 2,200 mark in 2020. 

From being dependent on donor funding for basic healthcare and nutrition to utilizing assistance in developing sustainable agricultural programs, Bangladesh’s Development Sector has evolved rapidly over the last 50 years. Donor funding has clearly played an instrumental role in the transformation of Bangladesh’s socio-economic landscape over the past five decades, lifting millions of poverty, empowering women and marginalized individuals, and facilitating access to basic education and healthcare facilities. 

Check out how the donor funding landscape will evolve in light of Bangladesh’s shifting socioeconomic conditions and upcoming LDC status graduation. LightCastle Partners recently conducted a study to analyze the evolving landscape of donor funding in Bangladesh and the whitepaper highlights the key trends in the funding landscape over the last 50 years and evaluates the development sector’s funding trajectory for the next five years.

To learn more about the Donor Funding Landscape of Bangladesh Document download full report

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