Towards Bangladesh-Netherlands Agri-Business Conclave

LightCastle Analytics Wing
June 7, 2022
Towards Bangladesh-Netherlands Agri-Business Conclave

The past five decades have seen notable accomplishments in Bangladesh agriculture. Bangladesh now features in the global rankings in production of some of the key cereals or non-cereals and across diverse sub-sectors i.e. horticulture, livestock, fisheries, and poultry.

Beyond manufacturing, transformed agriculture promises to be the next big growth story for Bangladesh – in meeting the fast-rising local demands and also entering global markets. In moving to the next level, several key challenges in Bangladesh’s agro-food sector need to be addressed. With declining farmland-use intensity, shrinking arable land, competing use of freshwater, and rapid urbanization, Bangladesh Agri-Food – Water nexus wants to tap Dutch technology – innovation to look deeper. This is also to address the Climate Change challenges e.g. rising sea level and salinity in Bangladesh agriculture.

Bangladesh agriculture aims to focus more on ‘value’ than ‘volume’ to meet the national demands and also to emerge as an agro-food exporter. To realistically tap opportunities, Bangladeshi entrepreneurs are open to exploring cutting-edge knowledge – technology – innovation. In recent times, Dutch private entrepreneurs are showing growing interest to collaborate with credible–responsible–transparent Bangladeshi entrepreneurs and companies by sharing their knowledge and technology.

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