Bangladesh Impact Investment Strategy & Action Plan (BIISAP)

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August 21, 2022
Bangladesh Impact Investment Strategy & Action Plan (BIISAP)

Impact investment is any investment made with the intent to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact, alongside a financial return. As Bangladesh approaches its middle-income status by 2026, enterprises and other stakeholders anticipate a shift away from mainstream financial instruments for development. Donors are also increasingly transitioning towards blended finance as an approach that accelerates the mobilization of private capital. Across the spectrum, there is growing acknowledgment of the role of impact investment in targeting social and ecological pain points.

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The key focus of the Bangladesh Impact Investment Strategy & Action Plan (BIISAP) is to promote increased understanding and advocacy while providing more structured pathways for scaling up the impact investing ecosystem in Bangladesh. The BIISAP identifies key areas of intervention needed to unlock the full potential of impact investing in Bangladesh, while also outlining the potential roles of key players and stakeholders in implementing the range of recommended actions and strategies. The goal is to support increased social and environmental development by further supporting the creation of an inclusive impact investing ecosystem in Bangladesh.

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The Bangladesh Impact Investment Strategy & Action Plan (BIISAP) has been prepared by the National Advisory Board (NAB) for Impact Investment in Bangladesh with generous support from the Embassy of Switzerland in Bangladesh and Build Bangladesh. Roots of Impact and LightCastle Partners were appointed as consultants to provide strategic support and recommend implementation guidelines compiled through stakeholder consultations.

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