Navigating the Consulting Industry: Career Tips and Insights

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November 16, 2023
Navigating the Consulting Industry: Career Tips and Insights

What is Management Consulting? Many people in Bangladesh struggle to provide a clear answer as the majority of the people are unfamiliar with this field and lack clear exposure to this promising career opportunity, which is still in its early stages in the country. Nevertheless, despite this lack of exposure, Management Consulting offers significant potential due to its robust job outlook, numerous opportunities for continuous development, a fast-paced and diverse work environment, and opportunities to gain valuable professional experience.

The team at LightCastle Partners faces questions about the consulting industry frequently at career fairs, where on average 7 out of 10 people (mostly university freshers) express their confusion regarding this. Some even mistakenly believe that most consulting firms, including LightCastle Partners, are not based in Bangladesh. While many have an understanding of financial advisory, education, marketing, HR, IT, or technology consulting, their knowledge about strategic or management consulting is quite limited. 

Management Consulting, a vital service offered by LightCastle, provides expert guidance to help organizations solve challenges and enhance business strategies, supporting them in achieving their goals. Our experienced team works closely with businesses, providing essential data-driven solutions, personalized advice, consultations, market research, strategic support, and training to help achieve specific goals. Whether it’s market research, business development, or strategy improvement, LightCastle excels in driving success for clients across various industries. We have a strong reputation for optimizing business operations and fostering sustainable growth, making them a trusted partner for businesses seeking to excel in their respective industries.

While detailed explanations for these common confusions and additional information can be found on our website or social media platforms, frequently overlooked are the questions about career advice, our selection criteria, and how to prepare for interviews. With that said, let’s dive into a few of these questions: 

Our Selection Process

Our unique and somewhat extensive selection process should be acknowledged by all applicants, especially freshers, to help them clarify their queries and prepare themselves adequately. As always, our primary objective is to draw in young talents and offer equal opportunities to individuals of all races and genders. We often prioritize analytical potential over educational background or even nationality as our teams welcome diversity in every way.

Steps of the selection process in the consulting industry

1 – CV Shortlisting

Our selection process starts by shortlisting the CVs.  We look for a well-structured, standard CV that is updated and aligns with common industry standards. Additionally, we value individuals with a talent for strong writing, research abilities, analytical skills, and relevant work experience for the desired role and position as applicable.

Pro Tips:

  1. Prior experience in the consulting industry or market research is advantageous
  2. Possessing publications
  3. Active involvement in extracurricular activities
  4. Previous research/ writing experience or roles as a research assistant or content writer

2 – Assessment Skills

The process of selection is the same yet the requirements may vary based on different positions. Therefore, at this stage, we don’t adhere to a standardized system. Instead, we offer highly tailored case assessments. These may include data-driven analytical case studies, in-depth content writing, deck preparation, or other relevant materials with graphs/ charts/ tables if required, depending on the need. We don’t rely on traditional math or English grammar multiple-choice tests; instead, we assess candidates’ analytical, technical, and writing skills to determine their ability to extract insights from data, demonstrate in-depth knowledge of specific areas, and convey information effectively.

Pro Tips:

  1. Language and Vocab
  2. Logic and Argument
  3. Structure and Flow
  4. Critical Issue Identification / Insight Generation
  5. Infographics & Visuals

3 – First Round of Interview

The Level 1 interview is designed to gauge candidates’ initial understanding of our company, what we do, and how well they can respond to questions promptly. In addition, we assess their communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and critical thinking. During this stage, we ask a lot of hypothetical questions that do not have one structured or precise answer. We don’t expect candidates to provide formulaic responses; instead, we aim to evaluate their critical thinking skills and how effectively they can articulate their answers and the reasoning behind them. What matters to us is their approach and thought process in formulating their responses. These questions can sometimes be as unconventional as “How many balls can you fit in a car?” Strange isn’t it? Well, no matter how peculiar it may seem, you must not go blank at this stage.

Pro Tips:

  1. Critical Thinking: Open mindness, creative ideas, problem-solving, considering multiple perspectives
  2. Communication Skill: Strong verbal communication
  3. Consulting Mindset: Detailed-oriented, able to define the aspect, individual thinking process, and development
  4. Analytical Skill: Not necessarily the ans need to be correct but to judge his/her data inspiration, present something with facts, decision making, logical reasoning, able to analyze complex issues
  5. Cultural Fit: Skill and qualifications, communication style, team collaboration, leadership potential, professional development, positive attitude, adaptability & flexibility, shared values and mission, motivative

4 – Final Interview 

In this phase, candidates should demonstrate a profound understanding of their strengths and excel in their technical expertise. This interview stage is extensive and primarily emphasizes their technical competencies. We assess their cultural alignment, consulting mindset, technical proficiency, awareness of their submitted assessments, job roles & responsibilities, and up-to-date knowledge of relevant industry developments.

Universal Tips

Some general tips that are universally applicable for interviews include:

  • Mentioning any relevant projects and achievements if necessary
  • Role-specific knowledge
  • Personal Strengths and weaknesses and technical skills to offer

Interview Expectations

Candidates are expected to explore our website and develop a solid grasp of our core activities for a better understanding of the type of work they might undertake. Additionally, it is crucial for candidates to clarify their motivation for pursuing a consulting career. Strong communication and writing skills are highly valued here, regardless of the specific team they are applying for. Unlike other organizations that may require preparation for written assessments, we prioritize candidates who possess inherent writing capabilities and excel in communication with a keen sense of promptness.


In a landscape where the concept of management consulting is often unfamiliar, LightCastle Partners aims to provide clarity not just about our industry but also about career selection and our unique selection process. We prioritize equal opportunities, diversity, and analytical potential in identifying promising talents. As you embark on your professional journey, our goal is to guide you through the selection process, offering insights and universal tips. Whether you are preparing for interviews, seeking role-specific knowledge, or emphasizing personal strengths and weaknesses, we are here to help you succeed. Follow our website and connect with us on Facebook and LinkedIn for more information, and let us be your guide as you explore a world of career opportunities.

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At LightCastle, we take a systemic and data-driven approach to create opportunities for growth and impact. We are an international management consulting firm which creates systemic and data-driven opportunities for growth and impact in emerging markets. By collaborating with development partners and leveraging the power of the private sector, we strive to boost economies, inspire businesses, and change lives at scale.

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